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Why We Need Political Parties

Moises Naim

Moisés Naím / New York Times

The world needs permanent organizations that earn political power and govern, that are forced to articulate disparate interests and viewpoints, that can recruit and develop future government leaders and that monitor those already in power.

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Putin's Latest Anti-American Intervention: Venezuela

Moises Naim

Andrew Weiss and Moisés Naím The Washington Post

For all its bellicose talk and new sanctions against Nicolás Maduro’s government, the Trump administration has been oddly silent about Russia’s role, perhaps preferring not to draw attention to the fact that Moscow is now the bankrupt nation’s lender of last resort.

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Five Ideas that Trump Killed

Moises Naim

Moisés Naím / ​​​​​​​El País

Trump has put an end to the idea that corruption and nepotism at the highest levels of government can only flourish in banana republics

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Why Democracies Are at a Disadvantage in Cyber Wars

Moises Naim

Moisés Naím Columbia Journal for International Affairs, Special 70th Anniversary Issue

“War is God’s way of teaching Americans geography.” This well-known quip that satirist Ambrose Bierce made late in the nineteenth century has a contemporary version: “Attacks against the United States are God’s way of teaching Americans how weaker enemies are stronger than they seem.”

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